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Lawn Painting

Posted by Jim on December 17, 2012

In Georgia our beautiful Bermuda lawns go dormant and lose their color.  This brown color is not so attractive too some of us.  We can fix this for you.  We have a lawn paint that we can appy to your lawn to turn it green again.  The paint lasts all winter untill the grass greens up in the spring.The process is just like spray painting your house.  The lawn has to be clean and cut.  Then the paint is sprayed on the dead, dormant brown grass.  Now you have a green lawn.  Call the office if you are interested in having this done to your lawn.


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Earthworms and there piles.

Posted by Jim on December 8, 2012

Over the years we have got a lot of questions regarding mysterious little piles of earth sitting on Bermuda and Zoysia lawns.  They are also in Fescue lawns but since the grass is cut much higher you can't see them. Many customers associate these piles with other damaging insects.  Some homeowners have problems with the mounds because they are unsightly.  

The Earthworms are not really pests but beneficial.  As they borrow they swallow earth and extract the microorganisms and partially decomposed organic matter. When the ground becomes softened by watering or rainfall the worms come to the surface. They will leave these piles or castings as they are call on the surface.  The castings are just the worms fecal matter.  It is actually good for the grass because it is rich in nutrients.

Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do to get rid of earthworms.  The piles can be raked to disperse them if you want or your lawnmower might cut them up with your grass.




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Why your lawn needs fertilizer.

Posted by admin on January 29, 2012

Fertilizer is necessary for your lawn to look great and be healthy.  Fertilizer is plant food plain and simple.  Plants like humans are effected by what they eat.  The better we eat the better we feel and look.  If we don't eat often we don't look so good.  Same with your lawn.  That is why it is important to provide your lawn with a balanced slow release fertilizer.  Slow release products like the ones we use at Georgia Lawngrowers provide feeding for the entire time we are gone from your lawn.  Then we show up just as the food (fertilizer) is running out.  We then put more down and lawn is constantly feed throughout the growing season.

Not all fertilizers are created equal. There are 17 elements the are essential for plant growth.  Do to the rising cost of fertilizedsome of our competitors are cutting some of these elements out.  That's like just putting the potatoes on the plate and nothing else.  This is not so good for your lawn.  We at Georgia Lawngrowers provide you with a balanced fertilizer.  We feel that a balance fertilizer is essential to you having a great lawn.  You having a great lawn makes us look good.

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Fall Feeding for your Shrubs.

Posted by admin on October 30, 2011

Now is the time feed your shrubs.  Use a 10-10-10 and follow the directions on the label.  We can do this for you just call the office if you don't ave time.

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