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Posted by Jim on December 17, 2012

In Georgia our beautiful Bermuda lawns go dormant and lose their color.  This brown color is not so attractive too some of us.  We can fix this for you.  We have a lawn paint that we can appy to your lawn to turn it green again.  The paint lasts all winter untill the grass greens up in the spring.The process is just like spray painting your house.  The lawn has to be clean and cut.  Then the paint is sprayed on the dead, dormant brown grass.  Now you have a green lawn.  Call the office if you are interested in having this done to your lawn.



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?»?10 misconceptions about the day pill later (which you should not believe)
Have you ever used the pill of the day after? And what do you know about her? Do you avoid pregnancy one hundred percent? Is it true that they can refuse to sell you? Is it a hormonal bomb? There are some misconceptions about this second opportunity in contraception that you may have heard and that you should be able to clarify.

Whether it is because the condom has failed, because of a forgetfulness when taking the pill or because no contraceptive method is used, about 15% of women have used the pill of the day afterwards. This resource, which many have called a "second chance" to avoid pregnancy, is not free of myths and false ideas that may confuse you at some point. Our advice is that you are well informed about what it represents and, of course, that you never belong to the group of 16% of Spanish women who have unprotected sex. Think about it and choose your method well, not only to avoid getting pregnant, but to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases. These are 10 misconceptions about the day pill later that you should not believe.

1. "It is abortive"
No, the pill of the day after is not abortive. It is an emergency contraceptive that prevents fertilization of the ovum by the sperm. Thus, the pill of the day later delays or prevents ovulation, thus acting before implantation. Therefore, it does not prevent pregnancy if it has already occurred. The postcoital pill is different from the abortion pill RU-486.
2. "It is 100% effective" The pill of the day after is not 100% effective. Its maximum effectiveness is 95%, lower than that of the condom (here you have the security of each contraceptive method). It is most effective when taken in the first 24 hours after sexual intercourse without protection. Then it goes down to 58% at 72 hours after intercourse without protection. If you are already pregnant or if you have already ovulated, the pill of the day after is not effective. It also decreases its effectiveness if medications such as hypericum, St. John's wort and some anti-epileptics and antiretrovirals are taken, among others.
3. "You need a prescription to buy it" Since the year 2009, and like in other European countries such as Great Britain, France, Portugal, Holland and Sweden, the pill of the day can then be purchased freely at the pharmacy without a prescription. You will not have to identify yourself when acquiring it. Minors can also buy it from 13 years without parental consent. The price varies between 19 and 24 euros, depending on the pill concerned. In some family planning centers and in certain hospital emergencies, they also provide it free of charge.
4. "Pharmacists are obliged to sell it" Not so, according to a recent ruling of the Constitutional Court pharmacists can claim "conscientious objection" not to dispense the pill the day after. That is, they are obliged to indicate in which other nearby pharmacies sell it.
5. "It always has side effects" The pill of the day afterwards does not always have side effects. Among the most likely are nausea (if you vomit in the three hours after having taken the pill the day after, you must take another). It can also cause headaches, discomfort in the breasts and stains until the next menstruation or irregular rule (if the rule is delayed more than 10 days it is advisable to take a pregnancy test). But they do not occur in all cases. There are women who do not notice any of them.
6. "It protects you from pregnancy during the whole month" It's not true. The pill of the day after is only effective with respect to the unprotected intercourse for which it has been taken. Therefore, it is not effective the rest of the month, in which other methods of contraception must be used to protect oneself. If you use a condom, you should use it until the next rule. If you take the pill, you have to start a new container the day after taking the pill of the day later. If you use vaginal ring or contraceptive patch, you have to put them on the same day you have taken the pill of the day after. The pill of the day later does not work before intercourse; that is, in a "preventive" way.
7. "After the first 3 days, there is nothing to do" It is true that the pill of the day after acts until 72 hours after coitus without protection (with a 58% effectiveness, that if), but after this time There is a new opportunity in emergency contraception. It is about the pill five days after it can be taken up to 120 hours after the risky sexual relationship, although it is much more effective in the first 24 hours. Since July 2015 can be purchased in pharmacies without a prescription (its price is about 30 euros). That yes, can not be taken in the same cycle more than once or even if you have already resorted on another occasion that month to the normal pill of the day after.
8. "If there is pregnancy, it damages the embryo" The pill of the day does not harm the embryo because it is not abortive. If it is taken and there is already a pregnancy, it goes on and until now it has not been observed that it causes damage to either the woman or the embryo.
9. "It negatively affects fertility" The day-after pill does not negatively influence fertility, so women who have taken it on occasion may get pregnant later if they wish. In some cases there are alterations in menstruation, with stains until the next rule, but it is something temporary.
10. "You can use it whenever you want" You do not run more risk for using the pill of the day several times in your life, but think about it: it is an emergency contraceptive, that does not have maximum effectiveness, that only works if you have not ovulated and that It does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. It is worthwhile to use it only in exceptional cases and not as a usual method. There are many other contraceptive resources among which, surely, you can find the one that works best for you. Worth.
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