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Lawns In January

Posted by Jim on January 26, 2015

It's nice to get a break from mowing the lawn.  The Bermuda has long been a sleep, and the cold is now taking a tole on the Fescue.  The Fescue's are starting to shed there outer leaves.  This gives them a browish color and there growth is very slow.  Don't be fooled, their roots are still very alive and soaking up nutients. This is why we fertilze them in the winter.  Weed issues now become much more problamatic.  A big green weed in your brown turf is alot more unsitely then before.  We are seeing Po Anna in the grassy weed family and Wild Garlic, Chickweed, Bittercrest and Henbit broadleaf weeds.  We spray these out with your winter service. 



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