Key Reasons to Aerate:

  • Increased and deeper root development.
  • Improved and more efficient use of fertilizer and water.
  • Reduced soil compaction.

Aerating your lawn once or twice a year is the key to having beautiful turf. By aerating your turf you are removing a ½ inch diameter and 2 to 3 inch long cores or plugs of dirt from your lawn. This soil falls back into your lawn breaking down above the thatch layer and helping it decompose. The hole that is left when the core is pulled out provides a pocket for water, fertilizer and air to get into your soil. This hole also provides an area for roots to grow into.

Areas that have high foot traffic tend to get compacted. These area’s become so hard that roots no longer can grow or receive the proper amount of water or nutrients. Aeration provides a great way to loosen this soil without disturbing and damaging your lawn and helps your plant roots grow deeper and send new roots out.

During times of drought and the very hot weather we have in July and August, aeration helps your grass survive. aeratedlawn.jpg It provides a hole that allows more of the water your lawn receives to get deeper into the root zone where it is need. This is very important on hills since the clay soil we have tends to encourage water run off. Aeration encourages deeper roots. The deeper the root the longer it takes to dry out.

To have a thicker greener lawn with less thatch that holds more water in the heat of the summer call the office to schedule your aeration.

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