bedcontrol.pngBed Control Programs

Our bed care programs help to eliminate the unsightly weeds that pop up in your shrub and flower beds throughout the year. By applying a product that helps to suppress annual and perennial weeds from germinating, we help your gardens look beautiful all year long.

This service can reduce the weeds from germinating in your beds by 60 to 80 percent. Not only will we apply pre-emergent type chemical, we will also spray a weed killer on any weeds that we see at your service call date.

This service will compliment the other methods that your are using to reduce weeds in your beds. Some of these including adding mulch or pine straw to your beds and planting ground covers. The effectiveness of this service is directly effected by high rain levels, the amount of mulch you have, and level of ground disturbance in these areas.

The service will not stop your Bermuda grass from growing into your beds or other vine like weeds.

Service dates: March, May, July, and September

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