Fertilizer & Weed Control

Yearly Bermuda & Zoysia Programs

  1. Early Spring This application is designed to give your warm season grass everything it needs to get off to a strong start in the spring. A pre-emergent weed preventer is applied to keep the winter weed seeds out. Post-emergent weed killers are applied to get your lawn off to a weed-free start.
  2. Middle Spring This is an application of a semi-slow release fertilizer and another pre-emergent weed killer. Post-emergent weed killers are also sprayed.
  3. Late Spring A balanced slow release fertilizer is applied to promote growth. Weed killers are also applied.
  4. Early Summer A slow release fertilizer is applied to promote growth and color through the early summer. Post-emergent weed killers are sprayed as needed.
  5. Middle Summer This application utilizes an Iron base fertilizer for a deeper green color and post-emergent weed controls.
  6. Late Summer Application of our summer blend of slow release fertilizer to keep your lawn a deep green. We will spot kill any new weeds.
  7. Early Fall In preparation for the winter, we fertilize with a special mix which promotes root growth and food storage for the winter. We apply pre- and post-emergent weed controls.
  8. Late Fall/Winter Limestone is applied to balance your soil's PH over the winter.

Yearly Fescue Programs

  1. Early Spring This application gets your lawn off to a good strong start by giving it everything it needs after a long sleepy winter. Fertilizer is applied for early green-up. An application of pre-emergent weed control for grassy weeds and post-emergent herbicide for broadleaf weed control is sprayed.
  2. Middle Spring We apply a balanced slow release fertilizer to promote growth, along with pre-emergent weed control for grassy weed protection. Broadleaf weeds are treated with a post-emergent herbicide.
  3. Late Spring A post-emergent weed control is applied for both grassy and broad leaf weeds and a fertilizer to keep your lawn green.
  4. Early Summer An application of fertilizer designed to promote root and stem growth. We will spot treat any new weeds.
  5. Middle Summer This is an Iron and mineral service to keep your lawn green well into the summer, along with post-emergent weed controls.
  6. Late Summer Limestone is applied to adjust your soil condition and promote better use of fertilizers.
  7. Early Fall Application of slow release fertilizer designed to promote root growth and harden the grass to make it less susceptible to drought, disease and discoloration. This type of fertilizer promotes strong seed growth for newly seeded lawns.
  8. Late Fall/Winter A heavy application of a very slow release fertilizer that promotes food storage for survival throughout the winter.

Our Products

Georgia Lawngrowers uses safe high quality professional turf care products specially formulated to the needs of the unique Georgia growing environment. Our products come in both granular and liquid form. This gives your lawn the benefits that each product provides. After years of testing we have found that dry granular formulas provide the best even slow release of fertilizer while liquid products provide the quickest control of weeds.

Our Experience

We have been treating lawns since 1978 and know their needs and requirements. We are licensed by the State of Georgia and fully insured. As your lawn grows and changes we will grow and change with it. We are in contact with Georgia Department of Agriculture and abreast of all the current trends affecting Georgia's lawns.

Service Information For You

With each treatment, we will leave a guide explaining exactly what we did to your lawn and what you need to do for your lawn until our next treatment. The guides are provided to help you understand what your lawn's needs are and how you can help your lawn be its best.

Our Commitment To You

We are also concerned with your needs and desires. If you have any questions please ask. We want to hear from you. All service calls are free, it's part of our commitment to our customers. We are always just a phone call away. And all calls are returned promptly at the end of the day.

Our Guarantee

We are confident that our recommended program will provide you with the finest quality lawn care service. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the results of your last application we will continue to work with you by reservicing your lawn. With the many variables in dealing with nature we limit this guarantee to not include replacing turf.

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